Do it Yourself or Hire Professional House Painters?

Your house needs to be painted and you are wondering if you should try painting it yourself. It is a big job so you might be better off hiring the best painters Brisbane has to offer. Let’s do a little comparison between doing your own painting and having a crew of experienced painters take care of it for you.


Unless you have experience in house painting, chances are you don’t know how to estimate how much paint you will need or the best type of paint for your house. Making a mistake can be costly. If you don’t get enough paint, you will have the problem of being sure you can get more of the same color. Even if the container says it is the same, there might be a small difference. Even a small difference can be noticeable. A painting company with years of experience has staff who can estimate the right amount of paint and know what type of paint will work best for your house. This can end up saving you money.


You might have a paint brush and a ladder but it takes more than that to do the job safely and properly. A professional paint crew will have all the right tools to do the job safely, thoroughly and quickly.

Surface Preparation

Do you know the proper way to prepare the surfaces to be painted? Again, unless you are experienced, you probably don’t. If the surfaces are not properly prepared, the paint may start peeling off a few months to a year or so later. If this happens, you have to paint again and that will cost you more. Professional house painters will prepare the surfaces so the paint readily adheres. They will also know to start with a base primer before putting on the coats in the color your chose for your house.

Protecting Areas Where Paint isn’t Wanted

Painting is a messy business and paint can easily end up where you don’t want it. Do you know how to cover windows and other surfaces you don’t want paint getting on? Professional painters do. They will make sure little, if any, paint gets splattered on your windows, porch or sidewalk.

Cleaning Up When the Painting is Finished

You might not have even thought of the cleanup when you are done. As stated before, painting is a messy business and there is a lot of cleaning needed when it is finished. When you think you are done cleaning, you are likely to find more cleaning to do as time goes by. Professional painters will make less mess and clean up well when they are done. All you need to do is enjoy your newly painted home.

The Time Involved

If you are thinking of doing the painting yourself, you will be doing it mostly on the weekends. Painting a house isn’t a job that can be completed in a weekend. It could take weeks. This is one of the biggest advantages in hiring a company with the best house painters Brisbane has because a professional painting crew can complete the job in much less time than you possibly could. Unless you have a huge two or three story house, it could take as little as a week.

So, considering all the advantages of hiring professional house painters, why would you even try to do the job yourself?

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